What is the first thing you see when you walk up to a building? Have you ever walked up to a building and the first thing you see is fingerprints all over the glass the door? Have you ever sat in your own kitchen and when the sun is just right coming through those windows, you cringe at all the prints of the dog’s nose? Windows always need cleaned and it is not usually a job that most people don’t like doing. So let’s talk about a great product for window cleaning, Trinity. It’s a disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer, works as a universal cleaner and it works really well on windows. If you would like to try it, contact us to get more information or to order.
Here are some Window Cleaning Tips:
1. Start with Trinity Cleaner, a good squeegee, and a fresh clean cloth
2. Fill a bucket with a small, diluted amount of Trinity cleaner and water
3. Place squeegee in solution, squeeze excess
4. Scrub window with solution at all angles from corner to corner
5. Start at top corner and move horizontally across glass
6. Wipe blade clean with fresh cloth to remove dirt
7. Start over by overlapping previous stroke by 2 inches and keep repeating until window is complete
8. Wipe any streaks with a clean lint free rag
Cleaning windows takes time and a lot of practice! Check out this great article on window cleaning.  If you are interested in having your windows cleaned, contact us today!

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