Image Cleaning Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring is here-the sun is shining, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming and everyone is in a better mood! Do you feel that same happiness and freshness from your office building? Probably not, if you are like many businesses whose employees and customers have been cooped up in a stale, stagnant, germ infested place for the last 6 months.   Look around your building- put yourself in your employees’ and clients’ shoes. Walk through your front door, and as you do, notice the windows and entry doors. Are they clean and clear without salt residue and fingerprints? Is the sun shining on a nice, clean, clear glass? Walk in and look around at your entry floors, do you notice specs of salt still left from the winter, and are your floors dull from all the winter boots and salt and snow tracked in. Is your entry mat clean? Sit down in your lobby or waiting area, notice the walls, the desks, ceiling vents. Are they dirty from the dust and germs spread from sneezing and coughing? Sit and breathe in the air in your building. What do you smell? Is it a stale, stagnant smell?

Many offices need a thorough cleaning after a long, hard winter. Image Cleaning Systems specializes in customized cleaning for many different size building needs. Some of the areas we take notice of in a general cleaning are entry doors, swept and mopped floors, clean mats, dusted furniture, desks, chair legs, ceiling vents, disinfected restrooms, and light switches. If you are a client of ours, we thank you and look forward to helping you make your office fresh and clean. If you are not currently a client, please call us today for a free consultation. We take pride in 37 years of being a Loveland owned and woman owned business. We are thankful for our Cleaning Associates who have served local businesses for an average of 15 years. We treat you like family and look forward to helping business owners spruce up their buildings this spring! Please call us today 513-404-7579.

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