Yes, there is a difference.  Often people use these two words interchangeably.  Doing so can lead to cleaning practices that are less effective and can actually cause the spread of germs.   In terms of commercial cleaning, sanitizing is suitable for food contact surfaces such as dishes, cutting boards, and tables.  Disinfecting in a commercial environment would be more appropriate for use on non-porous surfaces such as door handles, toilets, sinks, faucets, and knobs.  Less bleach is required for sanitizing than disinfecting.  Whether sanitizing or disinfecting, letting the cleaning solution stand for two minutes before wiping it is recommended.  Image Cleaning Systems uses several different cleaning solutions depending on the surface.  It is a primary goal for all our cleaning associates to be sure to use the right products and to have a regular cleaning schedule in order to be most effective at killing germs.  Call us today to come to your office and demonstrate ways we can help reduce germs, 513-404-7579.

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