PeePod in urinal

Have you ever walked into a restroom and smelled it before you even entered it?  Is there a lingering smell even in the mornings when you know the restrooms were cleaned the night before?  These smells can be coming from your urinals.  PeePod is a revolutionary product that was designed by Japanese Engineers whose main goal is odor control.  PeePods are placed at the top of the urinal where the water cascades down and the flow of gravity releases the chemicals into the urinal without batteries.  Every flush releases powerful cleaners and fragrance.  This eliminates the need for urinal blocks and other enzyme based cleaners.  Key benefits of the PeePod are:

  • 7 Seconds to install into urinal
  • 7 Minutes and whole restroom is refreshed
  • 7 days and 90% of Urinal odors eliminated
  • 10 months for clean pipes

Click this link PeePod for more information and videos of this amazing product.  Want to try it, call Darian at 404-7579.  Several of our commercial clients can’t believe how well this product is doing for them.

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