Darian and MJ Florida

My mom, Mary Jane started Image Cleaning Systems in 1976.  Image Cleaning was originally started as a residential cleaning company and it all began in a car that wouldn’t go in reverse and a $20 used vacuum cleaner from Goodwill. A few years later this small residential company had grown to 17 local banks and 23 retail stores. My mom founded this company to take care of her family, to provide jobs for others who wanted to do the same and to offer quality cleaning and good service to companies who needed it.  She founded the company on the principals of quality, integrity, and customer service.  Today, I operate the company in the same way.  Image Cleaning has the privilege of serving over 35 companies in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  We are proud to say that we have several clients who have been with us for over 15 years and one going on 27 years.  I and several of our management team get involved in the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce, we donate our time and talent to charities and organizations in and around Loveland, where we are located.  We are truly blessed and proud to be a Woman Owned and Local Business!

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