What is the number one thing to remember about recently stripped and waxed floors?

Clean the floor with the proper cleaning products. 

Time and again, Image Cleaning Systems hears from clients and potential clients that their floor jobs never last.  Or that the floor has a film or residue on it.  A floor job done with the correct chemicals and technique should hold up if done correctly.  Once the floor job is complete, it is crucial to maintain the floor properly.  This includes using a dry dust mop, swiffer, or vacuum to remove dirt.  Then you must only use a mild soap solution (Ivory dish soap) with warm water.  For sticky or greasy spots, use a neutral cleaning solution.  This type of cleaner will not leave a residue or film on the floor.  Call Image Cleaning Systems for several options we use.  Never use a degreaser, bleach or anything abrasive.  These cleaners will strip the wax back off.

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