MRSA and other antibiotic resistant germs are in the news frequently.  These germs are lurking in offices, schools, and other community places.  It’s not just the common cold anymore that is making people sick.  The CDC reports that antibiotic resistant germs are increasing.  Many of these bacteria can live on for months on hard surfaces in our offices, buildings, schools and public places.    Think about what any person touches in the course of any given day:  restroom faucets, counters, soap dispensers, toilet seats, door knobs, desks, chairs, and computer keyboards.

How to combat these germs?

First, and foremost, practice regular, rigorous hand washing throughout the day.  It’s important to keep in mind that antibacterial soap is not any more effective than regular soap in killing germs.

Here are some Handwashing tips from the CDC

It’s generally best to wash your hands with soap and water. Follow these simple steps:

  • Wet your hands with running water.
  • Apply liquid, bar or powder soap.
  • Lather well.
  • Rub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Remember to scrub all surfaces, including the backs of your hands, wrists, between your fingers and under your fingernails.
  • Rinse well.
  • Dry your hands with a clean or disposable towel or air dryer.
  • If possible, use your towel to turn off the faucet.


The second way to combat these germs is to develop a system to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects.  Janitors and cleaning companies should help you in designing a program that works for your specific needs.  Image Cleaning consults with new and existing clients, especially during the winter months on how to keep these germs at bay.  Sometimes this may involve increased labor, supply purchases and training.  Every client and every building is different, and it takes time to ask questions and gather the information needed, call Image today at 513-404-7579 for a cleaning consultation geared to your specific cleaning needs.

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