It is that time of year again, back to school!  Parents are rushing to get everything on the back to school supply lists, kids are looking through the internet to find that perfect back to school shirt or pair of shoes.  Schools, however are worried about many other things.  One of the top items on the list, believe it or not is cleaning.  According to The study, Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education, “Cleanliness ranked as the fourth most important building element to impact students’ personal learning. The top three building elements were noise, air temperature and lighting”.  Does that surprise you?  Does it make you feel better?  It should make you feel better because this study also found that, “lack of cleanliness affects allergies, spreads germs, increases bug and rodent infestations, and promotes higher stress levels”.  Thinking about a dirty learning environment in this way does make one wonder how difficult it would be to learn if desks weren’t clean, floors were sticky, or there was an odor in the classroom. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between the cleanliness of school facilities and students’ academic achievements.  So, as you worry today about school supplies, school fees, and shopping for clothes, also be thinking about the facilities team at your school, the janitor and when you see him or her in the hallway at schedule pick up, say thank you!


The study, Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education (Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers) Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities. (http://www.facilitiesnet.com/educationalfacilities/article/Study-Clean-Schools-Promote-Academic-Success-Facilities-Management-Educational-Facilities-News–90720).


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