Have you had the flu?
Well it is that time of year again. The CDC reports in their FluView report that “influenza activity in the U.S. remains high overall and is likely to continue for several weeks”(cdc.gov/flu). Did you get the flu shot or the nasal vaccine? In the United States, the flu season can begin as early as October and last as late as May. So pretty much, we are right in the middle of flu season. Along with getting the flu vaccine, here are some things as outlined by the CDC that you can do to prevent the spread of the flu- CDC Preventing the Flu

Image Cleaning works hard to protect you and your employees from the spread of the flu and many other germs. We make it a point to use cleaning products that disinfect and kill the flu virus. We clean, meaning we remove dirt and grime from surfaces. We also use products that disinfect, meaning the products we use kill germs on surfaces. A daily routine of c leaning bathroom sinks, knobs, toilets, and many other areas that are constantly touched all day long by many people in your office will help prevent the spread of germs.
If we clean your building and you have any questions about your cleaning regime, please call us. If you would like Image Cleaning to come to give you a cleaning consultation, call our office at 513-404-7579.

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